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Red Paddle Co is the Green Paddle Co. 

We like our world. 

We are lucky to live in a great place, we can walk to the beach and a short paddle around the headland is a river with a great pub at the top. We want it to last which is why we try and do our little bit. 


Here at Red Paddle Co we are aware that it is very hard to be totally “green” and still turn a profit, especially in our small little SUP world. We do though try our best to minimise our footprint. 


We can ship 3 times as many boards in a shipping container than standard hard SUP boards. That reduces our Carbon footprint massively 


Our boards last and last. You won’t see them discarded on landfill sites or clogging up the world in some other way. If you look after it your board will last for years! 

Ethical production

  • Our boards are made by specialist board builders.

  • We don’t operate a sweat shop. 

  • All of our staff are paid good wages and they have a chance to develop their skills while they work for us. 

  • They are treated fairly and our factory is one of the friendliest work environments you will find. 

  • Regular breaks including a home cooked lunch is offered to all staff and we have chill out areas that are comfortable and nice places to be.

We like our world…….!