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Welcome To The Board

There are lots of different types of paddling, and different types of paddler, too. The good news is there’s a Red Paddle Co board for every rider and every adventure. Here’s our quick guide to making sure you get the right one

How to pick the right SUP










Surfing a SUP is great fun, and because you have a paddle for propulsion and balance, it’s a neat way to get into the sport. Our surf SUPs are short with a wider nose and narrow tail – perfect for catching the swell. They also feature our RSS stiffening system, for increased maneuverability.

White water

This side of the sport is growing fast, so we’ve designed a board that can cope with the more extreme conditions found on a fast-moving river. The Flow’s sides are higher so it can break in and out of the flow, and the pronounced rocker means it rides out bumps comfortably.


Our Ride collection of boards has been designed for use across a wide range of conditions and by all kinds of paddlers. Because of that it’s our most popular range. The shorter models are more suited to surf conditions, and the longer, wider models for the bigger or family paddler.


SUP racing is on the up, so we’ve developed a series of boards with speed and agility in mind. These are longer and thinner, with a drawn-in nose and tail designed to give fast glide and ride. You’ll be amazed at the race-winning performance of our inflatable race SUPs.