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What is Paddleboarding?

Stand-Up Paddleboarding is extremely simple. You stand on a large surfboard-shaped hull, and use a single-bladed paddle to propel yourself forward. The boards are highly stable - anyone from age 5 to 75 can enjoy this sport, without falling off or getting wet. 


It's the ideal way to explore the creeks, bays and inlets of the New Zealand coastline and our inland creeks, lakes and rivers, as there is almost nowhere that paddleboards cannot go. If the water is more than 4" deep, you can paddleboard it!


It's more than just a method of propulsion though. Stand-up-paddleboarding is actually extremely good exercise, particularly for the all-important ‘core' area of the stomach and lower back. 


It has proven therapeutic benefits for anyone with balance problems such as those recovering from injury or surgery. A few hours paddleboarding per week will quickly tighten up those flabby abs!


It's environmentally friendly, and the perfect way to get up close and personal with mother nature. From the standing position you have better views into the water, and also of the surrounding landscapes and seascapes. They're great platforms for fishing from, too!


It's also superb training for surfing - mastering your 'pop-ups' and getting the feeling of standing up on a board is perfect practise for the waves.


Even when inflated, the paddleboards and paddles are light and easily transported and manoeuvred on land, and you don't even need to wear a wetsuit or foul-weather gear. Unless you're playing in the waves or trying tricks on them, you don't ever need to fall in.


One final point - please do show proper consideration to all other water users if you're SUPing in New Zealand. Click here for our guidelines on SUP etiquette.